The Mary Pack Arthritis Program (MPAP) is based out of 4 clinics in British Columbia (Vancouver, Victoria, Penticton, and Cranbrook) and reflects best practices in osteoarthritis management. All programs are based on the same model, but function slightly differently according to individual clinic resources.

A physician referral is required to access the MPAP program. The program includes both education and treatment. Treatment services are provided by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, registered nurses, and vocational rehabilitation practitioners. The intake begins with an assessment using validated questionnaires. Each discipline completes an initial assessment. A coordinated education and treatment plan is developed based on the assessment findings and the individuals goals. Interventions can include education, therapeutic exercise, physical modalities and group treatment sessions. Pre and post evaluations of patient status, satisfaction and functional outcomes are taken. Follow up care is available in the clinic within 6 months of discharge. No referral is required.

The MPAP has linkages to other programs and health care providers throughout the province. Community services that require a physician referral are initiated through contact with the primary care physician. Other community programs such as exercise classes, nutrition counselling, and telephone support programs do not require referrals.

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